Computer Recycling in Manhattan


Recycling with an e-Stewards does make a Difference


Only by recycling with Certified Electronics Recyclers can you help stop the contamination of the Earth

This is pretty much what happens when your organization works with irresponsible non-certified recyclers, your electronics either end up in landfills or exported over seas to developing countries or simply dumped somewhere. Recycling your obsolete electronics and computers with an ethical recycler ensures that your e-waste will be handled with the best interest of the environment and the security of your data, we are audited and vetted on a yearly basis to prove to an independent third party auditor that we have disposed of every single item collect in an environmentally safe manner and that nothing ends up in landfill facilities or exported to developing countries, in order to maintain certification.



 All consumers will be prohibited from disposing of covered electronic  equipment in landfills or waste-to energy facilities. For more  information, visit the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation


What does that mean for your organization?

Individual consumers will be prohibited from disposing any electronic waste by your municipal sanitation department. 

Businesses will not be able to dispose their electronic waste  with their contracted disposal vendors unless they are able to dispose  of the electronic waste in a responsible manner, for computer recycling in Manhattan and all NYC contact us today! 212-671-0616 

Our Guarantee to You

NetTech Recycling Inc is your solution when it comes to  recycling your electronic equipment and computers in a responsible and  environmentally safe manner, with a Zero landfill and a NO exportation of hazardous e-waste to developing countries policy or the use of prison labor through out our recycling chain  you can rest assured that your equipment will be responsively recycled. 


Computer Recycling in a Resposible Manner

Working ONLY with e-Stewards and R2 Certified Downstream Facilities,  in an effort to assure that 100% of all your discarded electronics do  not end up in landfills or exported to developing countries where the  recycling process can be considered unsafe and a menace to public health and the environment. In developing countries electronics recycling  is done under no government regulation, under inhumane conditions, by  hand in scrap yards and often by women and children whom lack the  necessary protective equipment, training and resources to safely and effectively handle and process electronic equipment, like the safe processes found in developed countries.

Why Recycle ?

Recycling computers equipment and all forms of electronic waste (e-waste) helps recover important natural resources like silver, copper, aluminum, steel, lead, gold, plastics and many more materials for reuse which at the same time  decreases the need for surface mining. Recycling is a better and more environmentally  friendly solution for finding these resources in existing products, rather  than digging up the earth and negatively impacting our natural environment, make the right choice and do your part, help conserve the Earth.